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“Distracted driving” has become a dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways and cell/smart phones when used in an automobile or other vehicle can be a significant part of the problem. Cell phones and smart phones have become an almost essential part of modern life; but, as is the case with many good things, there is a down side.  The attorneys at Seaton and Lohr have held negligent drivers accountable when their inattention or preoccupation causes a serious accident that injures or kills another person.

What is “distracted driving”?  The simple answer is whatever causes a driver to take his or her eyes off of the road and/or their hands off of the steering wheel. Heading the list of distractions are cell/smart phone use while driving. Likewise, texting while driving has become a safety issue for the public driving on the roadways of America. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),  “distracted driving” is responsible for 80% of all accidents.

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